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Smoke Shop Marketing Program

Marketing Your Shop Just Got a Whole Lot CHEAPER & EASIER!

Imagine getting a marketing program for your smokeshop and not having to pay for the design of the materials, printing costs, or the man power needed to execute the whole program!

Green Goddess Supply has teamed up with its marketing agency to put together a co-op advertising program for local stores. We will provide you with a professionally designed sales piece, and handle all aspects of managing delivery and associated costs for either email delivery or printing of collateral.

Your only cost will be for postage (if a mailed piece - no postage costs for email campaigns) and a minimum $200 order of Green Goddess Supply products in order to have inventory on hand when we drive consumers into your store. Sales materials will not only promote Green Goddess Supply, we will happily promote your store's events, products and promotion as well. See attached examples on the right (or below, on mobile).


OPTION A: Email Blast

Provide us with a customer list and we will create a professionally designed email template for your shop, and handle all of the costs of designing, hosting and sending the emails. This option has absolutely no cost to you other than a minimum $200 initial order from Green Goddess Supply to make sure you have inventory on hand when we start driving customers into your store.

Don't have a customer list? We can design promotional sign up card that you can hand out in-store to start building your customer list. Free of charge!


OPTION B: Postcard Mailer


Reach out to new or existing customers in your area. You can either send us a list of customer addresses, or we can use the USPS "Every Door Direct" program to distribute one flyer to every house within your local area. Your cost for this option is the postage fees (approximately $0.18 per piece) and a minimum $200 initial order from Green Goddess Supply to make sure you have inventory on hand when we start driving customers into your store. For example reaching 1000 houses in your neighborhood would cost approximately $180 for postage. Again, we will handle all aspects of designing the mailer, printing the appropriate quantities and getting them delivered.


OPTION C: In-Store Loyalty Programs

Do you have a loyalty / rewards program in place for your customers?  If no -- why not?!  Successful retailers understand that it's worth every penny of investment.  We're not talking old fashioned punch cards, we're talking about automated loyalty programs like Five Stars that not only reward customers for their repeat business, but that proactively reach out and contact customers and entice them to return to your store if you haven't heard from them in a while -- all automatically!   

Our first freebie marketing tip is to investigate a loyalty program immediately!  You're welcome.  Our second tip is an offering:  we will provide you with professionally designed signage and a prize up to $40 MSRP value to give away to a lucky winner to entice them to join *YOUR* rewards program!  That's right - we'll give you a free product so that you can incentivize people to join your own loyalty program.  It's a no brainer!


How can we do this?

Green Goddess Supply is in a unique position in that our management team also owns a highly respected, interactive marketing agency. The agency, 401 Consulting, has been around for decades and developed websites, marketing campaigns and smart phone apps for clients like Elvis.com (the official Elvis Presley website), KISS, and more. Green Goddess Supply has leveraged this relationship to provide this program for our partners (both new and existing).


Interested in Learning More?

We're very easy going.  Just contact us with the form on the right (or below on mobile) to begin discussing options. We look forward to hearing from you!

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