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Deluxe Saxophone Pipe

$ 19.99

Rock on! This pipe is shaped and molded like a saxophone, complete with rubber mouthpiece and realistic molded keys.

While it won't play you any tunes (bummer, I know!) your friends will get a chuckle and you'll look ultra cool while fielding all those "OMG! Where did you find that?!" questions. This is definitely a conversation piece.

We classify as a "novelty" item, but don't be mistaken -- it's a fully functional tobacco pipe, and we love how great it works. The pipe is even made out of zinc which keeps it cooler than other materials like aluminum and steel.

Our sax pipe also ships with a pack of 5 free metal screens, so you get all the smoke and none of the ash.

There's definitely lots of "groovy" vibes going on with this piece. You won't be disappointed!

  • Shaped to look like a miniature saxophone
  • Fun, novelty piece - surely a conversation starter!
  • Made from durable zinc metal, helps keep pipe cool
  • Rubber mouthpiece for added comfort
  • BONUS! Includes 5 FREE screens!
  • For tobacco use only

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Everything about this product is even better than how it appears in the images. The saxophone is very sturdy with decent weight. The mesh screen that’s included is very easy to clean and does a great job of preventing the system from clogging.

Would give ten stars if I could! I’ll absolutely be shopping here again!


I’ve never had more fun smoking weed. Pair this pipe up with Pink Floyd’s dark side of the moon and you have a concert

Norene Dennis
Kinda bluesy

I ordered mine from WISH. I was concerned about what kind of metal it was made with, so I searched online and found that it was zinc. It's a very cute little device. Came with screens. The only downfall is that it doesnt sit upright, so a stand is needed.

Instagram -@kehmoney420
Influencer review:

This pipe is the perfect weight with a nice function. Not to mention how trendy a saxophone pipe is, this piece works! I plan to tie on a piece of hemp wick to the neck of it to make a nice necklace that doubles as a smoking device. It's going to be a hit at parties or events I decide to attend. The screens that came with the pipe are very useful because without them, a lot of resin would build up in the pipe, so I'm glad 5 were included with the purchase. I would recomend this pipe to any smoker, perfect for the alternative type as well.

Flor Garcia
my experience

It works perfectly for a straight direct hit & doesn't get hot like normal steel. I love how cute anyone can look while using this & pictures come out perfect!
I recommend this pipe if you are on the go or just want to have a quick toke :heart:️

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