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Actual Results from The Armoire


"The only thing addictive about cannabis is growing it!"


The Armoire is a labor of love!  Born out of nearly 5 years or prototyping and development, we worked hard to try to solve all of the major issues with personal home grows.  Our new indoor gardening solution is fast, efficient, and tuned for the casual home user and/or beginning grower. 

But we're not just providing a hardware kit -- this is a holistic approach to growing that also incorporates our process -- the "how to" side of the equation.   

Everyone else is selling hardware.  We're offering a lifestyle choice.  We're the only folks talking seriously about RESULTS!   We've seen ads for other hardware that talks about growing 4 plants and getting 4 ounces in 3 months -- we're getting that or more from ONE plant in just 8 weeks!   

Here are some photos from actual plants grown in The Armoire by our actual customers and beta testers.  Keep in mind this is a ONE PLANT system, so these bushy jungles you see are all ONE, SINGLE PLANT!  A few of the shots show closeups, such as the closeup of the Pineapple Express bud (juxtaposed to a hand for scale) -- that's just one of 11 buds on that plant!


home grown in the armoire
White Widow growing in The Armoire
growing in the armoire
just one of the 11 buds from Pineapple Express
bud closeup green crack
Pineapple Express close up
personal home grow
The Armoire
autoflower home grow
trichomes on a flower

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