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Classy Wood Handle One-Hitter Bat with Spring Loaded Ash Ejector

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Check out this gorgeous, dark-wood bat!  An updated spin on an old classic, this stained wood handled pipe is convenient and classy.  The handle is spring-loaded with an ash ejector.  Just give it a push and it knocks out the ash from the end of the one-hitter.

Outside dimensions are very close to a "normal" aluminum bat - 3" long by 3/8" in diameter.   These typically fit our 4" dugouts as a replacement for the standard bat.

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Kathi Carraway
Heavy duty

This small bat is fantastic. It works great. That spring roller makes it not clog up at all. I highly recommend this bat. Plus the price is right.

Thank you


I love this product. Very easy to use and easy to clean!

Only complaint I have is that the wooden pieces eventually do come unthreaded (after a few months).
I just take that as a sign that it’s time to get a new one and I got my moneys worth on them though. :)

Very nice...

I like the spring loaded function - makes it very easy to dump the ash. Sometimes, there is a bit of product still on fire, so MAKE SURE TO USE AN ASHTRAY! Batter does get gunked up to the point that the spring loader gets stuck, but you can solve that by heating it up with your lighter by taking an empty hit. It's super light weight, could probably fit into a dugout, and the wooden sides prevent your fingers and mouth from burning on the metal when it heats up after prolonged use. Probably the best bat I have ever used!

Wooden One Hitter

This is by far the best oe hitter I've ever owned and I keep extras o hand for gifting. It's also guaranteed to make your supply go further. Bet that!

I love it

I had one of the old ones that you screwed/unscrewed and didn't even know they had this spring loaded one now. It's so much quicker and convenient and helps keep it from getting gunked up as much. It's a great upgrade.

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