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The Armoire 60 - Moderne Black

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Welcome to the REVOLUTIONARY new BioChamber -- The Armoire!  This is just the ordering page - to read more about the armoire, click here.

Unlike large, ugly, smelly grow tents, The Armoire is designed to look like furniture (hence the name) so that it discreetly flies under radar, so to speak. 

It's also sized (25" x 25" and 54" tall) to be small and super light - easy to move, and perfect for small apartments. If you have a small apartment in a big city, you'd never get a large tent in there, but you CAN fit The Armoire -- and the quiet operation and lack of smell make it a perfect fit!  You can read more about The Armoire on the dedicated informational pages here.

The Armoire is a complete kit. It not only contains everything you need to be successful (except water, soil and the seed - and we'll even suggest where you can get those!) but ALSO INCLUDES our own PROPRIETARY PROTOCOL.  Indeed, we have our own proprietary process for growing plants in this finely tuned BioChamber. 

If you can water a houseplant, you can get top shelf, high quality flower in as little as 60 days on your first attempt!   

And wait, it gets better -- we're also getting 3 to 4 times the normal yield from a plant!   That's right, we get outsized results with The Armoire. 

It just keeps getting better, too -- the cost of our complete system is cheaper than that trying to put together an old-fashioned tent system by buying all the pieces individually and putting it together on your own.  And  The Armoire is safer (runs cool, and the entire system is tuned for low heat and low electrical usage).

After 5 years of prototyping and successful grows, we know this is an amazing product - we invite you to follow our Instagram page (@ggs_home_grow) specifically devoted to home grows in The Armoire, and follow the Autoflower Home Grows page on Facebook too.  There are a whole slew more photos and contacts up on these Instagram and Facebook pages.

Armoire customers will have access to our Concierge setup services/support, and our own Facebook Group for Autoflower growers! 

To read more about The Armoire, click here.

For our Help Center and FAQ pages, click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
S. Duncan> Chesapeake, VA
This is my 2nd Unit !

After the purchased of my 1st unit back in Sep. 2021 & seeing the results within less than 90 days ( Yielded 4 oz on my 1st grow), I had to purchased another unit, this time in Black.

Believe me, if you follow the protocol that is provided, you too, can be a home grower !

The Concierge Service is on point !! From troubleshooting the unit, LST, and or the ability just to check in to see if your on track, PRICELESS !!!

You can set up the unit in about 30 mins to an hour.

For this unit I am now going to try Black Strap (from the Autoflower store). For my original unit, time to try some Frosted sugar cookies !!!

To ALL- do not waste anymore time doing internet research about a tent vs, the Armoire, this is the ticket !!!!

Eric, Vinect, Kyle, you guys are the BOMB !!!

Garry R.
Simplicity and Service

I had been looking for a growing system for several years. There are two primary reasons I purchased The Armoire:

1. They designed a unit that is self contained and eliminates many of the challenges new growers experience. There's no proprietary consumable purchases required. Everything you need can be purchased online or at your local hydroponics store. They've also developed a thorough protocol that is easy to follow that walks you through everything from preparing your pot to harvesting your plant.

2. The purchase comes with a Concierge Service that helps you get through your first grow successfully. You have access to expert advise and support via phone, email and Video calls to get you through any bumps in the road. There's even a very supportive Facebook group for Armoire owners to share their successes.

The unit itself is a very attractive piece of furniture and with typical yields it will pay for itself in one or two grows. I am extremely pleased with my purchase!

James E.
Amazing customer service

Purchased this unit and like alot of products it has to clear the container ship mess. Customer service was always prompt and helpful. Cabinet arrived in roughly 30 days. Set up is about 30 mins to an hour. My likes are it is a great set up. Will be easy to use and maintain. Quality light... big plus.
Dislikes... Product could be sourced in US. Shipping company did not call, I had to be proactive.
Overall I would recommend and would consider purchasing another.

Doug in GA
I liked it enough to buy another!

My motto in life has always been to “make more mistakes, faster” to grow and succeed. Well this 2020 and covid-19 has given me time to do something I have always wanted to do. After trying to grow medical cannabis without a system, I realized some research was in order. After a lot of due diligence, I settled on The Armoire from Green Goddess Supply. The reasons why range from the look of the system to the combination of technology assistance, my own nurturing mentality (I wanted to be involved) — and all the knowledge it takes to grow true, top shelf bud—the one on one concierge service ultimately pushed me towards The Armoire.

I just purchased a second unit. — the new Moderne Black.

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