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The Armoire (backup)

The Armoire



Ultra Discreet

Looks like furniture.

The Armoire is plug & play, can be shipped almost anywhere and requires minimal setup. Although designed specifically to grow legal autoflowering cannabis, organically grown tomatoes and other plants can do quite well in our BioChamber.


Grow a quarter pound or more in 60 days!

Sometimes referred to in-house as "our quarter pounder," The Armoire offers the easiest, fastest(and fun!) way we know to get 1/4 lb. of quality organic flower of your favorite strain in 60 Days! And we often get up to 1/2 lb. in 75-90 days!

What's in the box?

Everything but the
Seeds & Water!

We provide a list of our vetted, trusted online seed banks, or you can feel free to explore the vastness of the Internet on your own as well. The Armoire BioChamber comes with everything you need to start growing right away except (as noted) the seed and water. We provide our special proprietary light, fans, pot, soil, nutrients, meters, camera and more!

Grow with Us!

Be a Part of Our Community!

A fully waterproof camera is included, and it even has night viewing (infra-red) mode. You can view your plant from any Wi-Fi location, day or night. You can post photos for other community members with our "Armoire App", get watering and feeding reminders, and more!

A cannabis specific proprietary LED grow light.

Waterproof Wi-Fi remote viewing camera.

Award winning, certified organic soil.

Whisper-quiet exhaust fan with protective system grille.

An easy to read soil moisture meter.

Childproof magnetic locks.

A digital thermometer and humidity module.

Multiple internal chamber temperature regulating fans.

Certified Organic nutrients/additives for your first grow.

A specialized carbon scrubber.

There's a finish available for everyone.



Tackling the Toughest Problems

100 Organic

100% Organic. We provide top rated organic soil and certified organic nutrients for your first grow cycle.

No Mold

NO Mold. Our proprietary LED grow light includes additional wavelengths that actually inhibit and/or kill any unwanted microbes.

No Pesticides

NO Pesticides. We don’t want ANY pesticides! Approved, organic or otherwise. With no pests, you will not have a need for pesticides. Period.

No Pests

NO Pest. The morphology and immune system of the plant is our starting point. Therefore, pests do not get a chance to thrive in our ecosystem.

No Taxes

NO Taxes. Most states with legal home growing laws usually exclude those plants from any local, state, or federal tax.



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