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Premium Aluminum Pollen Press with "T-Press" Style One-Piece Handle

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Stop messing around with cheap, hard to use pollen presses. Our Premium Aluminum Pollen Press with "T-Press" Style One-Piece Handle is made from high grade aluminum and features an easy to use handle for pressing. While other presses rely on the use of awkward multi-dowel pressing techniques, our press has a single dowel that is inserted in the press allowing you to cleanly press your pollen/kief every time.  

We also found this tool to be very useful for pressing fresh flower into "pucks" for use in a rosin press.

The unit is 5" long and inside diameter is 1" (and up to 1" long inside). 

Customer Reviews

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I use this every time after trimming bud. I slightly oil the disk and inside before use and it produces a perfect quarter size disc from my kief. I slightly heat it with a cigar torch, compress, then heat again and tighten again. Make sure you back off the follower before taking the cap off.

Awesome product!

I just bought my first pollen press and used it last night. I’d just like to caution everyone not to overcrank the press! I went a little too hard on mine and ended up messing up the threads a little. You don’t have to crank it down all that hard lol. But other than my error the product works great!

Sterling Skouson

Very useful little gadget. A couple of hints: Use bits of parchment paper on each side of the nacent puck to reduce sticking, and back off the handle a couple of turns after compression. This will allow the cap to be unscrewed from the other end with little effort. Trying to unscrew the cap while the unit is under pressure is a pain!

Works pretty well

This press coupled with the Green Goddess pollen shaker box is all you need to make your own hash from Keif. Well, those and a big bag of flower. I had made one of my own that involved a brass pipe, a C clamp, and two coins that fit inside the pipe. That worked well too but is a bit unwieldly. This is much smaller and easier to use. Presses a nice little disc of hash in no time.
The only thing you may want to do is to cut a little circle out of paper to keep the Keif from sticking to the metal disc and the plunger. It's not a huge problem, but it makes it easier to remove your end product. Believe it or not, I have found that using old powerball tickets work best because for some reason nothing sticks to them. All in all, I'd say that if you like hash, and you live somewhere that you can grow your own flower, this is a great way to make use of the extra material you may have after a bumper crop. It's a bit of work, so you'll probably just want to make it for personal use.

It's awesome. Buy one, or two

I was actually impressed with the machining and fluted barrel. Everything fits perfect and the press turns freely. No binding or slop. I packed it full of keif and ended up with a nice 10 gram puck. It cleans up easy with a paper towel and a lil bit of rubbing alcohol. I suggest giving the handle a turn every hour or so,keeps pressure on the puck. Let it sit for 10-12 hrs. You will be happy.

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