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Dugouts Are Unique Groomsmen Gifts!

Posted on April 19 2016

Spring marks an unofficial start of “Wedding Season” with an inordinate number of weddings slated between May and August.  Brides and grooms are always on the lookout for unique little trinkets for their wedding party. Drinking and smoking accessories tend to play an outsized role on the male side of the equation, with flasks and cigar cutters being fairly common.

With medical and recreational marijuana legalization sweeping the nation, state by state, and the de-stigmatizing of the herb, there’s been a surge of popularity among smoking accessories across the board including those for use with traditional tobacco products.

Green Goddess Supply has been shipping bulk orders of 10 - 20 of our wooden dugouts for use with bridal parties, and we think it’s a fabulous idea, naturally!

Our dugouts are all hand carved and hand polished.  While we have a series of particular designs, each individual piece is slightly unique as a result of being created by hand, artisanal style.

While our dugouts are all unisex, we find that bridal parties tend to prefer the smaller 3” carved pieces, while the grooms opt for the slightly larger 4” versions.  Either way, they make for a very unique gift that is considered pretty “cool”, hip and trendy while also being extremely practical and useful, without breaking the bank. 

Know a bride or groom looking for a unique gift idea for their wedding party?  Suggest our hand carved wooden dugouts - we offer aggressive discounts for 10 or more pieces.

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