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4 Things Successful Stoners Do Differently

Posted on June 05 2017

By Contributing Blogger: The Chronic Lady


So you want to be a successful stoner? That’s awesome. It’s definitely not an impossible goal. Marijuana is awesome though, so there are a few things to keep in mind that successful stoners do differently than the stereotype:


They realize that moderation is key

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing. Even weed. Smoking too much can be what causes lethargy, especially if you’re one that favors indica strains. Know your limit. You absolutely do not need to smoke until you’re starting at a wall for hours on end and getting nothing done. It can be surprising how little cannabis you need for a recreational high or for medical relief.


They treat it as a reward for a long day

After a long day of dealing with other people’s bullshit, there’s nothing quite like a nice full bowl or vaporizer to relieve stress. While cannabis isn’t physically addictive, it can be mentally addictive to where all you’re thinking about is the next time you get to smoke. Putting your focus on your tasks for the day instead of how often you can hit a joint can significantly increase your productivity. Then, you get to indulge in that sweet, sweet Mary Jane.


They know how different types of cannabis affect them

As a general rule, people know that sativas lift you up while indicas mellow you out. What many people don’t realize however is that the effects of these are not the same across the board for everyone, especially with the amounts of hybrids strains in the world. In addition to that, even hybrids that claim to be the same strain can have varying effects from plant to plant. Be mindful of these things when choosing strains when you have places to go and people to see.


They don’t make cannabis a priority in their life

Have you ever met one of those people that only live for weed? It seems like everything in their life is based on the plant: talking about it, wearing it, and of course, ingesting it. Unless you’re making money from it, successful stoners do not make their entire lives about cannabis. They make their lives about other passions and use pot to enhance their lifestyle. If marijuana is your passion, you should probably find a way to profit from it.


Alona is a cannabis connoisseur and blogger at www.chroniclady.com. She authors how-to articles and related cannabis lifestyle content. In her free time, she learns as much about the world of cannabis as she can to share her passion and knowledge with her readers! You can also find The Chronic Lady on Twitter @_chroniclady or on Instagram @_chroniclady

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