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Unveiling our Flashship Grinder!

Posted on September 10 2015

It seems like it took forever (not really, but it sure seemed that way!) but we are thrilled to announce the availability of our flagship herb grinder!

The Green Goddess Supply Premium 2.5" (62mm) four piece grinder is a work of art that is every bit as functional as it is gorgeous!   

We put a lot of time and energy into shipping the absolute best product.   We tested other high-end grinders and found that they either didn't have enough teeth, or the teeth weren't sharp enough, or in some cases they actually had too MANY teeth!  That last part bears a little explanation.  

When grinding dry herbs, you want the small particles to be able to fall away, through the holes, down to the lower chamber and essentially "get out of the way" so the rest of the herb can continue grinding.   In our testing we found a fatal flaw with most other high-end grinders -- they have TOO MANY teeth!   The more teeth they have, the less room there is for holes.  So there are fewer holes, and they're smaller (because they have to fit between the teeth). 

Our Green Goddess Supply premium herb grinder hits that Goldilocks middle ground -- enough teeth, but not too many.  Plenty of room for more, larger holes.  This allows the ground herb to naturally fall away to the lower chamber, and let all of the herb grind effortlessly, without logjams.

We also include a Teflon ring that allows the top part to glide nicely as you grind, without the harsh metal-on-metal grinding action.   A strong magnet in the lid (another issue that varied among brands) keeps the lid closed so that it's not flying open during the grinding process.

We also went with a slightly larger 2.5" (62mm) diameter product because it's slightly larger than some of the 52mm and 55mm grinders on the market, which provides more surface area for grinding herb, but without seeming too large -- it's a perfect fit for your hand!

The grinder has a bottom "kief catcher" chamber at the bottom for pollen, and includes a free pollen scraper!

The whole grinder comes in a nice black cloth fabric pouch, and ships in a branded Green Goddess Supply box.

This calibre of product sells in retail stores all day long for $55.  We're selling online under $40!

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