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Finding Your Dispensary

Posted on February 17 2021

Finding a dispensary is easy. Finding your dispensary takes effort.

If cannabis is legal where you live, you will likely run into dispensaries around commercial and retail sections your town and neighboring communities without even trying. A quick online search will reveal many options as well. While both of these techniques will help you find a place to purchase legal herbs, the product quality, value and customer service you will experience is largely unknown.

Perhaps you prefer a small dispensary where every budtender knows your name. Conversely, you may value the anonymity of shopping at large national brands. In this article, we explore how to find your dispensary – a place with the products you want, prices you can afford, an atmosphere you feel comfortable in and business practices you agree with.

Making sure the store you choose has the product you want is one of the most straight forward aspects of finding your dispensary. Many of these businesses list their products online. If the availability of something specific is a deal-breaker for you, be sure to call and double check that the item is in stock before you make the trip. Remember, the inventory listed on digital menus are subject to change and often does. The same can be said for pricing.

Atmosphere will play a significant role in finding your dispensary. The way that staff members greet you, their level of experience and eagerness to assist are all contributing factors. Check-in procedures, pre-ordering efficiency, physical safety precautions and other operational aspects of a dispensary are worth consideration as well. Everyone is different. Simply being able to find a parking spot with ease may be enough to make a particular dispensary your go-to.

Part of finding your dispensary may be choosing a business with practices you feel comfortable supporting. For example, environmentally friendly packaging may be an important selling point. Don’t be afraid to ask how they contribute financially and otherwise to the communities they are a part of. Many dispensaries will be happy to describe their equitable hiring practices, how much capital they reinvest in their community and other socially conscious efforts.

The process of finding your dispensary is largely one of trial and error. You will likely visit several legally licensed retailers before discovering your favorite. Online menus and phone calls can provide a rough sketch of what to expect from any given dispensary. Fortunately, there are additional resources you can use to supplement these tools and learn more about dispensaries without having to leave your home. DispensaryGenie.com is a reliable source for dispensary information that consumers care about like average product selection, atmosphere, community involvement and more.

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