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Posted on October 31 2022

Autoflowering strains are all the rage, and Green Goddess Supply has gone “all in” on Autoflowers. We predict that 10 years from now everyone will be growing autoflowers, and new growers will scratch their heads wondering why we used to grow “the old school way.”

While so-called “autos” are starting to catch on, lots of people really don’t know much about them, yet. There’s also a lot of BAD and out-dated information out there! 

If you want a deep dive primer on autos, we have an article at our blog that delves deeper into this magical plant. But suffice it to say that autos are essentially a hybrid of your typical sativa and indica plants, crossed with a subspecies called Ruderalis that gives the plant it’s autoflowering characteristics.  The benefits of autos are:

  • Generally, they grow substantially faster (60 days is common!)
  • You don’t have to mess with light cycles (they bloom automatically, hence the name)
  • They’re less concerned about humidity levels
  • They grow in more room temperature climates (67 to 77 degrees is optimal)
  • Autos are smaller in stature, which is perfect for growing indoors
  • When bred properly, they retain all of the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of the original sativa / indica parents (i.e. potency, effect, aroma and taste)

So basically, you can get the same net result but get it faster, easier and more convenient!  

We heavily recommend autoflowers for home grow, and have clearly positioned both The Armoire and the ATS-42 Grow Tent System as perfect autoflower-tuned growing solutions.  

But, just like the traditional “photos”, buying autoflower seeds online can be a problem. There’s a huge variation in quality of genetics, and the process of buying seeds online can be problematic (ie. Having to order from overseas and the related issues with US Customs confiscating them; having to use crypto currencies or specialized digital wallets; and other hoops to jump through to complete purchases.)  We often had people buying the wrong type of seeds, or getting crappy, unstable genetics.  

So to solve this, we launched TheAutoflowerStore.com - a US-based seed bank specializing in the highest quality autoflower seeds from the very best, trusted breeders.  Growers using an Armoire or an ATS-42 Grow Tent System can rest assured that anything they purchase from TheAutoflowerStore.com will be perfect for their environment.  TheAutoflowerStore.com doesn’t have the largest selection of strains (yet, anyway!) but quantity isn’t the goal - it’s about quality.  We have a line of very high quality seeds that won’t disappoint!

All seeds are shipped from our office in Massachusetts the same or next business day, depending on what time your order is placed.  We cut off at 3pm for delivery to the post office, so anything after 3pm EST will go out the following business day.

New strains are being added all the time, from trusted breeders including Twenty20 Mendocino, Atlas Seed, The Humboldt Seed Company, Gnome Automatics, Pure Breeding, The Gelato Seed Company, and more. 

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