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Is Growing Cannabis at Home a New National Pastime?

Posted on April 24 2018

It seems that ever since cannabis starting becoming decriminalized and even legalized (recreationally or medicinally) in various states, the number of Facebook groups, Instagram pages and community apps like Duby featuring home grown cannabis has exploded exponentially, like mushrooms after a spring rain shower.

In Vermont, the Republican Governor said he would sign a cannabis bill only if it didn’t cost money. In fact, he wanted to save money. The answer: beginning July 2018, Vermont becomes a legal cannabis state. No dispensaries, no cultivation licenses, and no regulatory framework at all.  It's a simple decriminalization bill, but with an important twist.

Not only does the Vermont legislation decriminalize up to an ounce of flower, it also allows two mature plants to be grown at home! What will he do about everyone in jail for simple cannabis possession charges? I’m not sure, but the state will save a fortune in cannabis related inmate costs.

Will more states follow this model? Only time will tell. Vermont's approach is simple and satisfies most cannabis proponents. My prediction: Vermont will produce some of the best hand-crafted bud in the land - even if it’s just for personal use. And those of us who can nurture one plant to exceed one to five pounds, will rejoice. Let the baking begin!

So... if there are no retail sales, and therefore no clones, then the best way to grow at home is from seed!  (And we, personally, think growing from seed is best even if clones are available.) Just ask Google, Siri or Alexa for a list of cannabis seed bank websites in the USA!

While some seed banks specialize in a certain niche, most seed banks carry some of everything: dozens and dozens of strains including the old school favorites and the trendy new ones, the "flavor of the month," feminized seeds, Autoflowering seeds (also Feminized) and so forth. Now that people have figured out how to breed amazing autoflower strains, these autoflower strains seem to be all the rage now, so check it out.

Before I sign off, I belong to a cannabis FB group called “Cannabis Growers Elite” (click the link to visit the FB group) and Adam Wolf has given me permission to post the group’s Top 10 Reasons to grow your own. Thank you Adam!

Top 10 countdown:

If you or anyone in this group who hasn't started growing and has been weighing out the pros and cons of growing cannabis, here's my top 10 list of pros in no particular order. I took some time to write this so I hope some of you find this helpful or at least mildly entertaining :)

10. It will save you money over time. If you smoke fairly often, it eventually pays for itself. You can also become a legal caregiver and make some money.

9. It's a fun hobby and it gets even more enjoyable as your knowledge increases. When you grow, you're never bored.

8. You get to learn something. Knowing how to grow can end up being a valuable skill. When I first started growing I never thought in a million years that it would lead me to the most favorite job I've ever had. I love the cannabis industry. I also plan on passing on what I know and teaching my kids how to grow cannabis when they get older.

7. You know exactly what you're consuming. Ever wonder what is in the weed you buy? There could be pesticides, plant growth regulators, mold, mildew, pests, and all kinds of other disgusting contaminants. Also, not every grower flushes their crop before harvest and not every crop is harvested at the right time. There's only one way to be sure!

6. I never run out of weed. Gone are the days of dry spells, having to get the money together, having to go out of my way, etc. My only problem is deciding which strain I want to smoke!

5. I'm able to not only medicate and heal myself, but I'm also able to help people I care about. This is the true meaning of being a caregiver. Weed is not just for people who want to get high. I recently gave some weed to a friend who has been recovering from a major surgery and it really helps her with pain and stress management. Another friend of mine has been recently been depressed so weed helps her deal with that. The possibilities are truly endless.

4. Growing weed is often a gateway to growing your own food! Just like smoking weed that you personally grew, eating food that you grew is also a highly fulfilling experience.

3. Stick it to the man! By growing your own medicine, you become less reliant on big, corrupt pharmaceutical companies that are literally making a killing off hospital bills and ridiculously priced medications. There are so many prescription meds out there that are 100 times more harmful than all natural cannabis. Who needs 'em?!

2. You get a better understanding and appreciation of nature. After witnessing a plant growing from seed into a beautiful tree, both my perspective and respect for living things was expanded.

1. It brings people like us together.  Enough said!

Happy growing!


Vincent Bitetti is the Chief Cannabis Officer for Green Goddess Supply and the lead inventor of The Armoire - the revolutionary new complete solution for growing plants at home easily and with maximum results.

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