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What is Rick Simpson's Oil? An Explanation and the Recipe

Posted on May 24 2017

Unless you live under a rock (and maybe not even then...) I'm sure you've heard about "medical marijuana" programs and the march towards cannabis legalization in the United States.  In fact, as of this writing (May, 2017) more than half the states in the U.S. offer some sort of legal cannabis cultivation and use.  Seven (7) states plus Washington, D.C. offer full recreational access to cannabis, while the remaining states allow medical use only.

Why Medical use?  As it turns out, there are over 70 chemical compounds in cannabis, called cannabinoids, which each offer various medicinal properties.  Some are analgesics (i.e. pain relievers), while others increase appetite (the infamous "I've got the munchies" that stoners talk about), and more.  Cannabis has been shown in lab tests to actually hunt down and kill cancer cells as well. 

One of the challenges we've faced until very recently is that because it's federally illegal, listed as a Schedule I substance, it was not particularly easy to perform medical research on the plant, so our formal scientific knowledge has stagnated, with a very small subset of adventurous vanguards pushing the boundaries.  

One of the more amazing success stories has been a homemade compound called "Rick Simpson's Oil."  

Rick Simpson is a Canadian man who became a believer in the healing powers of cannabis, and experimented with using cannabis to cure his own personal ailments, including three different bumps on his arm that were biopsied and turned out to be basal cell carcinoma - skin cancer.  Rick Simpson created his cannabis oil concentrate, and applied it to his skin cancer and successfully cured himself!  

Of course no good deed goes unpunished, as they say. While Rick Simpson worked at perfecting his process, his home was raided on multiple occasions by police who confiscated his plants. He faced arrest and prosecution.  But he persisted - he saw the greater good for mankind, and continued growing his own strains of cannabis and refining his process for producing concentrated oils.  To date he has helped over 5,000 people!

Because of the illegality of cannabis and various thorny legal issues involved, and his belief that cannabis is an all-natural substance that is the basic right of all human beings to consume and possess, Mr. Simpson does not produce and sell his oil.  Instead, he freely publishes the recipe, for the good of humanity.  

The video below is incredibly compelling.  Rick Simpson explains, in his own words, not only how to produce and use his concentrated oil product, but he also provides background.  Even if you've read about Rick Simpson's Oil online, watching Mr. Simpson explain it himself, in his own words, is extremely compelling!   

If anyone you know is ill and could benefit from Rick Simpson's Oil, please share this page.  We have posted this as a public service, and will leave this online as long as we can (theoretically in perpetuity) as our way of paying it forward.

PS: YouTube went on an infamous spree in 2018 purging cannabis related videos and shutting down entire accounts, including educational videos such as this one.  We had to change our original line to this Facebook page (link below is clickable) that now contains the original video we used to direct-link to:


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