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Magnetic Vape Cartridge Adapters - 3 Pack

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One of the greatest features of our amazing little MiniVape2 vaporizer is the no-leak, quick-connect magnetic adapter.  The little magnetic coupler accepts a standard 510 thread from a cartridge, and lets you quickly and easily snap different cartridges in and out without having to screw and unscrew them from the vape unit.   Screwing and unscrewing cartridges is one of the greatest causes of breakage and failure on standard vape "pens."   

The MiniVape only uses these golden adapters, but the MiniVape2 can use these shorter golden colored adapters for 1.0ml cartridges, or the longer chrome colored adapters for smaler 0.5ml cartridges. 

Our MiniVape2 ships with one magnetic cartridge initially, but this 3-pack of magnetic adapters will allow you to put one on each of several cartridges so you can quickly just snap them in and out as desired!

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