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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Posted on December 26 2017

We recently attended a trade fair in Worcester, Massachusetts called The Harvest Cup – it was a Cannabis show.  Consumers paid $40 to $50 to attend.  And they came in droves.

Younger consumers would ask about our pollen press or sifter box – “what is that?”

The older customers looked over our wares (refreshed that we called it kief); our J-Tubes; our rolling trays, even our one-hit ash ejecting pipes with sheer wonder.  It was like “you’ve come a long way baby” from their early marijuana experiences.  They were surprised to see the complexity of the design, the beauty of the wood, what they considered “genius” design of our pipes and such.

This prompted us to ask – what changed?  Dating back to the mid-60’s through the 90s, storing, rolling and enjoying pot had to be covered up.  It was illegal and you just never knew what your neighbors might think.

Our approach was to move from “cover up” to discreetly designed.  This group appreciated how far simple things like one-hitters, chillums, bongs, bats, storage boxes and such had come in terms of design.  Even how “covert” they could be – like a spark plug pipe or a lipstick pipe that would pass undetected in a pocket or purse.

Quite simply, they do not scream “pot.”  Prompting one guest to tell us that “if weed is the champagne, you guys are the crystal flute.”  Yeah.  We’ll take that!

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